About the artist

Yafit Haba

Yafit Haba is a Chemical Engineer scientist and a glass artist. She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering in the discipline of plastic materials from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Yafit believes that playful experimentation, and the excitement of finding out something, is at the heart of both doing science and making art. She uses her scientific knowledge as a tool to improve her artistic production.

Yafit's passion for art started when she was a little girl, creating with different materials. As a glass artist she started out with stained glass, then mastered the techniques of glass fusing, and quickly began experimenting with metal, ceramic, and wood to create unique items in a single piece. Each item is an original design and one of a kind.

Born and raised with Jewish identity, she finds it natural to make variety of Judaica items such as menorahs, home blessings, mezuzahs, holiday plates, Shabbat candle holders, Shabbat trays, Hamsas and glass wall hangings. Now working from her Redmond home studio in Washington state, Yafit produces these pieces one at a time and each is an individual character.

She hopes you enjoy her art as much as she enjoys making it!!!